Friends: How weird is the Pilot Episode?!


Welcoming 2015 by binge watching Friends on Netflix. I cannot think if a better New Years gift, thank you Netflix. Nursing my hangover, cuddled up in bed with a cup of coffee and Friends. I thought I’d seen every episode 50+ times. Apparently that was not the case with the pilot! Here’s a few thoughts I am sure everyone can relate to!

1. Omg Rachel’s wedding dress is hideous. I can’t even talk about the vail.

2. So weird seeing Rachel and Monica before they were besties.

3. Joey’s hair LOL …why?

4. Monica is wearing suspenders. Watching this is going to force me to relive all the horrible fashion blunders of the 90’s.

5. Rachel’s hair was definitely not up to par this first episode. So much for the famous Rachel cut!

6. I love how awkward chandler is.

7. Joey is comparing girls to ice cream…Jimmy’s are a topping…what the hell are Jimmy’s anyway?

8. This episode is depressing. All show pilots suck compared to the later episodes. Rachel and Ross are pouty and annoying.

9. Rachel just made coffee for the first time. And it sucked. Rachel is my spirit animal. She gets me.

10. Paul the wine guy (Monica’s date last night) just had to do the best walk of shame. He had to pass all the friends from Monica’s room to the door. I want this to happen to someone I know.

11. Quote of the episode: “you guys all really have jobs?” -Rachel bahaha I love her. Nope just kidding…”wish me luck I’m gonna go get one of those job thingys” YES!! I’m just gonna keep saying it. I love Rachel!

12. Monica is such a good high school friend to let Rachel stay…I don’t like anyone from high school that much and I’m not that nice. So glad she did they have an epic friendship!

13. Lol oh Ross you thought Rachel didn’t know you liked her in highschool…that’s why we love you.

14. The beginning of Ross and Rachel…he’s going to ask her out sometime…I have butterflies. It’s magical!

15. Phoebe is weird. And we love it.

In 15 seconds episode two starts. Best day ever.


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