Sisters…it’s a love-hate thing

Sisters…I have 5 younger ones. So I’d say that makes me an expert! There is no relationship like it, one moment she’s your BFF and the next you wanna slap that bitch. You’d do anything for each other, including push each other to the brink of insanity.

When you haven’t seen her in a while…there’s no one you’re more excited to see.

Because you get to laugh with her…or at her.

And gossip with her…

You get to pass judgement…out of love of course.

And laugh at her pain just because you’re the only person that can.

And then destroy whoever caused it…

You like her selfies…even though you know how stupid she looked while taking them.

You steal each others stuff, and lie because they have such good style you’re not planning on giving it back. (This by far is my least favorite part about having sisters)


Sisters, you’d kill for them…and sometimes you just want to kill them! The definition of a love-hate relationship.

Photo credit:
Instagram: @betches

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