For The Love of Airports

Airports, one of the exciting parts of vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the actual flying. During take off, landing and any turbulence I’m a hot mess. Thank God (and my dad) for the drink tickets I’m taking on this flight! A few years ago I went to NY with my best friend, she made me see the the magic of air ports.

There is something to be said for the hustle and bustle and people watching. The restaurants and coffee shops, the magazine stands, it almost seems fun.

I made it through security with so much ease I now have an hour and a half to spare and unfortunately its feeling a little less magical today. I’m
Surrounded by business men in over prices suits, brokering deals on cells phones and crying toddlers who I pray won't be accompanying me on my flight. As well as over priced food and drinks….11 dollars for a Bloody Mary? Come on.

Feeling slightly over dressed in my stilettos and ripped jeans…or under dressed,having abandoned my business casual for vacation attire, depending on who I'm sitting next to. This just isn't as glamorous as I remember. Although I suppose airport security killed the classic movie moments long ago when they no longer allowed those with out a ticket to the gate. Killing all the airport romance, no sweet goodbyes, kisses at the gate or last min attempts to stop a lover from leaving at the last moment. C'est la vie.

Sitting at the bar people watching and blogging and wondering if people are watching me. Curious to see if someone will strike up a conversation. That's the other thing about airports, it's one of the few places where people feel totally comfortable striking up a conversation with a random stranger. I once sat with a woman on a flight who told me all about how she was flying across the country to meet a woman she'd met on, striking up this conversation after I had popped in my ear buds…She attempted to calm my fears by telling me it wasn't her time so the plane won't crash. Begging me to ask the question well what if crash and you live but I don't? I told you I didn't like flying.
When someone asks me about myself I'm always tempted to change my life and be someone new. Tell them I'm a journalist flying on business to cover some fabulous Hollywood event. Maybe someday…till then it's time for me to board my flight on what I'm sure will be a fabulous vacation.


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