Ladies…who do you do it for? 

On the way to work I listened to my favorite morning show, The Wake Up Call, and they debated who women get ready for. Hair, make up, nails, the outfits, who are we putting in all that work for?  Is it for ourselves? For men? Or to gain the approval of other women? 

If I was asked, my immediate answer would probably be for myself. But if I’m being honest it’s probably a little of all three. And I think most women would agree. 

Do we do it for men? Well that definitely wouldn’t be my first answer, my man claims that I’m “beautiful” with no make up, messy hair and sweats. In my opinion he and drake are both full of it with this sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no make up on nonesense. But because I know he loves me anyway I can’t say I soley put in all the effort for him. I think that women in general put a little extra effort in for men it feels good to be noticed, whether it’s by your boyfriend or the random guy in the elevator. And at least when you’re all done up and you get a compliment you can genuinely accept it…unlike when you wake up with no make up and drool on your cheek and he tells you that you’re beautiful and the moment you face the bathroom mirror you think…well that’s debatable! 

Do we do it for other women?  We don’t talk about it but it’s true we dress for each other to impress and to gain approval. If a man sees us looking a mess it’s not likely he’s going to gossip about it to all his friends, honestly, he probably wouldn’t notice. Nothing makes you feel worse than when you’re too tired to get ready and you show up to work looking slightly desheveled and you see your co-worker looking fabulous in her high heels with her perfectly curled hair. Nothing makes you feel better than when one of your girls with a level fashion sense you aspire to achieve gives you a compliment. 

We want men to want us and women to envy us. 

And then, I still think most of all we do it for ourselves. When you leave the house looking fabulous and fashionable you feel good. Your day is just better when you look good because you feel good! And any attention or compliments that come from other men and women through a day are just a bonus. A confidence booster. You don’t ever want to leave the house hoping you don’t run into someone because you’re not looking your best. Some may view the need to get ready and be out together before you leave the house (and realistically it doesn’t happen everyday, the Starbucks drive through has seen me at my worst) but I say it’s just wanting to look and feel your best. 

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