True Life: I have PPD (Post Party Depression) 

 Yes….it’s a real thing. You may be suffering from PPD right now and you don’t even know it.

Have you recently returned home after a weekend of parties, binge drinking, VIP treatment and so much fun? If so you, you may have what we like to call Post Party Depression – the brutal come down back into reality. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms call your local club promoter and get yourself on the list immediately.

1.Depression because Your venti iced coffee doesn’t brighten your morning the way it used too…you replaced caffine with champagne and you’re going through withdrawal.

2. You feel like something is missing from your morning…. brunch and a mimosa (or 6) because that’s how you think every morning should start.

3. An inflated ego after too much VIP treatment…the office should really have a VIP break room…and bottle service

4. A feeling of sadness comes over you when you are doing your daily routine…sober.

5. Experiencing discomfort in normal clothes after days in a bikini.

6. Intense vitamin D withdrawal…now that you’re at the office and not lounging by a pool.

7. Extreme paranoia…that your tan might fade.

8. You’re experiencing feelings of urgency…to get to happy hour.

9. Feelings of confusion and self doubt when you’re no longer being hit on or groped ever where you go.

10. Feelings of stress after seeing your credit card statement.

Don’t let the PPD and Anxiety control your life, go to happy hour and plan your next Vacay today!

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