Studio Movie Grill: To Watch or To Dine


Rocklin California’s newest hot spot, The Studio Movie Grill, food and drinks while you watch your movie. Seems like the perfect combination, right? Well I’m not sold…

When I first heard about the Studio Movie Grill I envisioned more of a Supper Club Atmosphere. Lounge like, so there servers can easily move around, with out blocking the screen, a table with room to eat, and enjoy your show.

Let me start by saying this was a stressful first experience. The website is not super user friendly. To even see what seats are available you must click on “buy tickets.” I bought my tickets online on Friday for a Saturday night movie, we needed four seats together and over 24 hours in advance I was only able to book the last four seats together for our second choice movie and time slot. In my opinion buying your tickets in advance is a MUST for a stress free experience.

Immediately after purchasing your tickets you receive an e-mail saying you should arrive twenty min early to order your food. I was unable to find this information on the website and it would have been helpful information to have when choosing a movie time.

When you arrive there is a Kiosk to the left to print your tickets so you can skip the line. This is not what the email tells you to do and none of this is clearly marked upon entering the theater. They lost big points with that. They say to get there early but if you get there too early you will be unable to go into your theater as they seat movies at particular times. Luckily there is a full service bar and lounge out front.

To my surprise it was a typical movie theater set up, not ideal or what I had in mind, the only differences were slightly wider aisles and TV trays connected to your seat, complete with a little red service button. We rushed to be there twenty min early only to find out you can order anything you want throughout the movie with just like click of a button and a 40 min wait…

The service was lacking. While you’re able to order through the entire movie I would still recommend getting there early as it took 45 min for our pitcher of beer to come out, which we ordered long before the movie started. This was the case with almost everything we ordered and our bill was incorrect.

The food and drinks were standard.
Good, but nothing special. Completely average and exactly what I expected. The adult spiked milkshake was delicious, but seemed light on the “spike”. The food, drinks and tickets were all moderately priced. It’s definitely an affordable date night. They also have good happy hour specials daily, check out the menu online.

For the most enjoyable viewing and dining experience, I would recommend sitting on the far right end. There are stairs only on the left hand side. So if you sit on the end to the right you are able watch the movie with minimal disturbances. The wait staff only walks in front of you when you hit your button. If you’re on the left hand side the severs walk in front of you every time someone in your row needs something.

Overall it’s a cool concept and I would recommend going for the experience if nothing else. I’d go back…in a few months …after they have hopefully worked out some of the kinks.