Stitch Fix Review: From Skeptic to Addict 

For months I listened to my bestie go on and on about Stitch Fix. I’d never heard of it, when she explained it was a personal stylist that sent her clothes and accessories it made me think of all this obnoxious commercials for Just the show stylist. I worried that it wouldn’t fit right, it wouldn’t be my style, it would be too expensive, it would be a hassle to send back or a waste of money. Frankly, I thought I could do better myself. She sent me pictures of her in the adorable, fabulous fitting clothes, and I was curious. She sent me a gift card for my birthday and I took the plunge. Now I’m obsessed totally addicted. (Pieces pictured throughout) 

The process was simple. I filled out a questionnaire about my style, what I wear on a daily basis. They get specific from if you dress business casual and how frequently and if your a mom etc. They give you pictures to rate and a way to link it to your Pinterest to insure that they get your style on point. And they ask you a whole lot of questions regarding your size and how you like things to fit and what parts of your body you like to show off. It’s in depth  to say the least. At the end you put in your card info, they charge a 25 dollar styling fee which they credit back toward anything you keep. (I know what you’re thinking …that alone would have stopped me if I hadn’t had a gift card). Finally, you can leave a not for your stylist letting them know if you’d like anything specific from the stitch fix Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or blog. If you like anything specific, animal print, leather, etc. Or if there is a special event, trip or occasion you want a special piece for. I told them I love animal print, leather, business casual with an edge and a cute date night pieces.  


They absolutely nailed my first fix! I got a dress that can seamlessly go from business casual at the office to date night with leather detailing. A classy sleeveless leapord print blouse that again can be dressed up for work or fun and casual for a night out! And shockingly…a pair of fabulous “Just Black” dark wash skinny jeans that fit my 4’11 frame and short legs perfectly, something I thought could not be done. I was impressed. I also got an amazing leather jacket with side zip detail. Finally, an adorable statement necklace that went perfectly with my dress. And the best part about it if you keep all five pieces you get a 20% discount. Total I paid about 200 dollars for my first fix. It’s been my most expensive one so far. I’m not the kind of girl that normally drops 200 dollars on clothes but these pieces were beyond worth it. If I had heard the price before I probably wouldn’t have done it.  


Each fix comes with a note from your stylist and pictures showing two different ways to wear each really appreciated that, it was helpful and the note made it feel more personal. You know those pieces were carefully picked just for you. 

You receive  an email after your fix arrives. You check out online, let them know what your keeping and what you’re sending back. They charge you for the pieces you’re keeping! Also, you answer questions about what you like about each piece, how it fit, etc. it helps them know what improvements to make and what they did right for your next fix. 


My second fix was not quite as successful. I got two amazing blouses that I’m in LOVE with! I asked for something a little sexier and a little more low cut for a date night or night out look and they hit the nail on the head! The other was a color block blouse that I had pinned in a similar color on my Pinterest. Also another gorgeous statement necklace. I got a dress that wasn’t my style and not the right fit, but I loved the color. And a skirt that was tribal print, something I like but it didn’t fit right and the material wasn’t me. I sent them both back. It was super easy. It comes with a prepaid bag, you put the clothes in it and drop it at the post off. It’s a hassle free experience! I was pleasantly surprised!  


My third piece I had a new stylist and another success! I kept all five prieces! I can’t wait for my next fix! I’m amazed at how well the pieces fit after answering a few questions online. Also it’s amazing how well someone else is able to choose pieces that are my style! I highly recommend it! Click below for a referral and order your fix today!

Pinterest: Bored House Wife Porn


Pinterest is addicting. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve stayed up way passed my bedtime feeding my Pinterest addiction…it’s like crack. But let’s be honest how often do we actually use the stuff we pin?! You know we’ve all pinned the DIY mason jar soap dispenser…are you actually going to make that..probably not…but you like to pretend you’re crafty.

That’s the other thing I am not crafty…I have a board called DIY/crafty…I’m like 98% sure I’ve never actually made anything on that board. But hey if I ever feel inspired, or need to make something, or find myself with a copious amount of time on my hands…I can rest easy knowing I’ve pinned it.

There are two things I will admit to legitimately using Pinterest for…it’s been my shopping inspiration….I can thank Pinterest for my desperate need to go out and buy an Aztec print sweater (which I did and it’s adorable). It gave me the courage to go buy a statement necklace knowing I’ve pinned about 50 outfits to pair it with and another 50 different ways to wear it. So basically Pinterest is the reason for that dent in my pink Michael Kors wallet, (which I’ve also pinned on Pinterest and probably captioned “love my MK wallet”).

My boyfriend has grown not only to accept my Pinning but to love it, because the second thing l use it for is recipes. I did not cook and never cared to until Pinterest came along, now I’m making everything from cookies to lasagna and I’m proud of it. So proud in fact that most of the time I Instagram it. “Freshly baked cookies for my babe” #pinterestsuccess …yes, I’m that girl…stop judging…you know you’ve done it too!

And then there are those who take Pinterest to a whole new level of obsessed, they pin like it’s their job, (probably because they don’t have one) they are the bored housewives of America. They are the women who make the rest of a us feel wildly inadequate. The women who pin things to their craft bored and then actually complete them…bitches.
They are the moms who hand make birthday invitations, and they are not just invites. They take paper, string and some buttons and make that invitation into a sail boat for god sake.
They are the women who have themed parties and when you ask where they bought the cute little cupcake toppers they say “oh I made it from Pinterest” …silly you, expecting an answer like Party City.
The same women who Instagram the baked potato soup they made on a whim because it’s a cold winter afternoon. They saw it on Pinterest and didn’t have anything better to do and the soup turned out perfectly…obviously. And you’re just a tad jealous because you saw this post while scrolling through your news feed and eating Kraft Mac N Cheese. You’re response to their unattainable perfection?…”where’s my wine!?”
These are the wives who are making cake pops for their husbands office potluck, while the rest of us rip open a bag of Oreo’s and dump them on a red plate…festive right? I thought so. Because who has time to bake for a work…you’re not getting paid enough for that.

While it may sound as if I’m passing judgement (and maybe I am, just a tad) it’s only because I’m not crafty and I can barely cook…I will never be able to live up to the Pinterest standards of the bored housewives of America…but for those random times I do, you can bet I’m going to Instagram it.