10 Reasons Girls Love Football


I don’t know about you but I am a huge football fan!! It’s the best part of fall! Food, beer, and men in tight pants…what’s not to love?

1. It’s Sexy. No guy can resist a hot girl who wants to drink a beer and watch the game. And if she understands the game…it’s a huge turn on! [Note: there is a fine line between being able to HANG with the guys and being ONE of the guys]
HOT: Shouting obscenities at the ref after a bad call with the guys.
NOT: Having a belching contest with guys during halftime…can you say friend zone??

2. The Food. It’s a smorgasbord of deliciousness. Pizza rolls, hot dogs, chips and dip. It’s a socially acceptable excuse to pig out. Check your diet at the door…and maybe put in some extra gym time because there is no salad allowed during the game.

3. We do it for the drinks. Football is an excuse to partake in some serious day drinking. Whether you care about what’s going on in the game or not, football is just not football with out a beer in hand. [Pro tip: if the game starts early I like to warm up with a mimosa or a Bloody Mary]

4. Football Pants. Erick Decker in tight white pants…need is say more??? #HOT

5. It’s a great excuse to get all of your friends together and have a good time. Even if you invite your friends who aren’t into football too …it’s just like a party where the TV is on! Give them a beer and some snacks and they will be good to go…Who doesn’t love chips and dip??

6. The outfits…nothing is more adorable than wearing your teams jersey! It’s perfect for a cute pre-game selfie. #gametime…Instagram you are welcome!

7. Fantasy football is not
Just for Guys! It’s fun and easy! And it makes watching the games on TV even more exciting because you have something riding on the outcome! There is nothing like screaming at the TV!

8. Bragging rights…there is nothing more fun that taking your besties team down during Monday night foot ball! Care to make a wager??

9. Single? Grab your girls and go watch the game at a bar… Remember when I told you guys like a girl who knows her football…I wasn’t kidding! Try me!

10. It’s a family friendly activity…why do you think everyone watches
Football on thanksgiving…that and you can start drinking at noon to cope with any awkward family drama with out anyone judging.

Thank you football!