Office Etiquette 101


It’s absolutely astonishing to me how many women don’t know, what I refer to as, proper office etiquette. I’m not talking refill the ice trays or if the coffee is low make a new pot…that’s just common courtesy and a rant for another day. I’m referring to the office faux pas I see on a daily basis that are lacking in professionalism and just common sense ladies!

1. You’re at the office not the club. Pairing the red bandage dress you bought at forever 21 with a suit jacket does not make it appropriate office attire. So what…you threw on a jacket…the dress still barely covers your lady business and the stripper heels are not helping. You look like a baby prostitute and we’re all judging. No matter how many people tell you that you look cute, it’s not okay. If you want to know how to put an outfit together that you can transition from work to a night out pick up an issue of Cosmo! Please, I beg you! You can look sexy and classy at the office I promise!

2. Chit-Chat. Keep it PG. I’m going to let you in on a little secret when you’re talking to each other through cubicle walls it is not a private conversation. We can ALL hear you! And if we can hear you, so can your boss. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear about the walk of shame you did on Sunday morning.
Note: if you’re going to complain about a co-worker or your boss, don’t do it via office email and don’t do it during office hours! You will get caught!! Complaining is what happy hour is for!!!

3. Office Gossip. It’s a slippery slope. As I mentioned office conversations are rarely as private as you think. And there is a fine line between what’s appropriate to tell a co-worker and what you should only share with a close friend. Sure from time to time you find a co-worker who you click with enough to text and go to happy hour with but that’s rare. Most coworkers are being polite and making small talk to get through the day, not asking for the intimate details of your life. For example, when a co-worker asks how your weekend was, it is not appropriate to share the symptoms of the possible STD you may or may not have contracted. Not okay!!! Which brings me to my next point, you are not sharing a secret with a friend. When you’ve told multiple people personal details of your life you better believe you have just told the entire office! Whoever said secrets don’t make friends was dead wrong…the fastest way to make a friend out of a co-worker so sharing a juicy piece of gossip! It sure helps get you through a monotonous work day!

4. If you can’t handle your alcohol don’t order a margarita on your lunch. Enough said. The fact that I even have to say that is concerning on so may levels. If you can’t do your work everyone will hate you.

5. Don’t get wild at the holiday party. Don’t be that girl…at least not at the office! Getting too drunk at the holiday will definitely make you memorable but for all the wrong reasons! A year will pass and you will think everyone has forgotten about your not so classy performance at last years party…and then someone brings up…remember when you tripped and fell in your dress and six inch heels after one two many dirty martinis? Yeah. (Actually you probably don’t remember) But Thanks for bringing that up!

Just a few gems from one business woman to another! Keep it classy…at least while you’re at the office!