15 Signs your BFF is actually your Soulmate 

We all have that one girlfriend that’s just on another level…your person; the Christina to your Meredith, the Samantha to your Carrie, the Peyton Sawyer to your Brooke Davis. She gets you, she’s there for you, and you would totally marry her if she had a penis…neither of you want to give up the D, no matter much you love each other. Even when you find the love your life, she will always be your soul mate. 

1. You speak your own language.  

2. Their boyfriend accepts he is basically dating you too…  


….and fighting with you…you feel her pain and you respond to texts as a team!

3. You consult each other when making important life choices. 


4. You spend hours debating the minutia of Taylor Swift songs and how they impact your life.  


5. You’re always their in spirit… Or via text … To make sure she’s looking her best. 


6. You’re always on her side…no matter what stupid thing she does…because you’re a team. Anyone who messes with your main betch better beware.  

7. She’s been there through everything, your happy, sad and slutty moments. And she remembers them better than you do. That’s why you have to call her to remember the names of all the guys you’ve dated. 

8. Your unbreakable bond is apparent to everyone… 

9. Friends who stalk together, stay together. 


10. She always has your best interest at heart… 

11. You’ve moved beyond ugly snap chats…you send flossy snaps because some needs to appreciate how on point your eyebrow game is today. 

12. They blow up your Instagram with hilarious tags to help get you through your work day…. 

13. When life’s not fair because you can’t hang out… 

 14. They worry about you. And your uterus. If you forget to take your birth control it’s going to put a damper on their fun.  


15. They give the best advice…  


Friends: How weird is the Pilot Episode?!


Welcoming 2015 by binge watching Friends on Netflix. I cannot think if a better New Years gift, thank you Netflix. Nursing my hangover, cuddled up in bed with a cup of coffee and Friends. I thought I’d seen every episode 50+ times. Apparently that was not the case with the pilot! Here’s a few thoughts I am sure everyone can relate to!

1. Omg Rachel’s wedding dress is hideous. I can’t even talk about the vail.

2. So weird seeing Rachel and Monica before they were besties.

3. Joey’s hair LOL …why?

4. Monica is wearing suspenders. Watching this is going to force me to relive all the horrible fashion blunders of the 90’s.

5. Rachel’s hair was definitely not up to par this first episode. So much for the famous Rachel cut!

6. I love how awkward chandler is.

7. Joey is comparing girls to ice cream…Jimmy’s are a topping…what the hell are Jimmy’s anyway?

8. This episode is depressing. All show pilots suck compared to the later episodes. Rachel and Ross are pouty and annoying.

9. Rachel just made coffee for the first time. And it sucked. Rachel is my spirit animal. She gets me.

10. Paul the wine guy (Monica’s date last night) just had to do the best walk of shame. He had to pass all the friends from Monica’s room to the door. I want this to happen to someone I know.

11. Quote of the episode: “you guys all really have jobs?” -Rachel bahaha I love her. Nope just kidding…”wish me luck I’m gonna go get one of those job thingys” YES!! I’m just gonna keep saying it. I love Rachel!

12. Monica is such a good high school friend to let Rachel stay…I don’t like anyone from high school that much and I’m not that nice. So glad she did they have an epic friendship!

13. Lol oh Ross you thought Rachel didn’t know you liked her in highschool…that’s why we love you.

14. The beginning of Ross and Rachel…he’s going to ask her out sometime…I have butterflies. It’s magical!

15. Phoebe is weird. And we love it.

In 15 seconds episode two starts. Best day ever.

10 Things that Suck about friends becoming Moms


We are at that awkward age…our mid twenties. Which means half our friends are getting married and having babies and then the other half is still participating in “Thirsty Thursday” even though they have a “Grown Up Job” and have to battle an early morning hang over.
It seems like just when we’ve paid off the awful bridesmaid’s dress on our credit card, were charging a diaper genie for the baby shower. And then when you think you couldn’t have any less in common with your bestie (she used to shoot tequila with you and now she’s drinking kale smoothing and popping prenatal vitamins) she pops out the little bundle of joy and things that are far more annoying…

1. Insta-excess. We get it, your baby is adorable, but 7 posts a day is a little much. It’s a one month old – how much could he/she possibly be doing.

2. The profile pic of you and your girl clinking glasses at her wedding reception has been replaced by yet another photo of the baby. Not her AND the baby, ONLY the baby. I’m sorry I thought this was your page – not your newborns….like, why?!?

3. The Judgement. The girl who once used to be famous for getting too hammered and taking her top off at parties is now passing judgement on your life choices. Last time I checked enjoying the single life at 25 is not a crime, just ask Carrie Brashaw.

4. Mommy & Me. That’s it you have been replaced by the same group of women you used to cringe at together while grabbing non-fat Vanilla Lattes before your shopping date…the dreaded mommy and me play group. You just don’t get her anymore.

5. The feeling is mutual. Complaining to her about how you got drunk and slept with your ex is just not the same…you used to share a bottle of wine while you complained…now you have to watch her breast feed.

6. You’re now a free babysitter. Your girl calls you up saying she really needs a night out. It’s been months with out a girls night out, you’re ready to put the Champagne on Ice and breakout your leather pants…she asks you to babysit.

7. Possibly even worse than the new mom who thinks a good time is eating cookies in her sweats while the baby naps is the friend who thinks nothing has changed. She wants to go out and get wild wearing the mini dress she bought pre-baby while still rocking the post baby weight…how do you tell her this night isn’t going to end well?

8. Let’s bring the baby! While it may sound like a good idea at first, it usually ends up with a screaming baby and your bestie pulling her boob out in the middle of the Cheesecake Factory, as you drink your Peach Bellini and reminisce about the time she showed her boobs in public…for free shots…not milk.

9. You own mom…upon seeing he arrival of your friends babies your mom suddenly feels the need to remind you that “your clock is ticking” and the not so subtle hints that she’d like to be a grandma. Thanks mom, your right if Jessica had a baby I should too…and I suppose if she jumped off a cliff you’d expect me to follow? NO.

10. In a last ditch effort to connect with you your bestie asks…”Don’t you want this someday?” ….as she is covered in spit up you don’t have the heart to tell her, no at the moment you find throwing on a Sparkly Mini and going to Nobu for dinner and drinks with the other misfits who haven’t manage to snag a man and get knocked up far more appealing.